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Reimbursement for wearable   2018-12-11

Medical Lead proudly announces that its project has lead to highest reimbursement level in Finland for clinical neurophysiological investigations. Parkinson's KinetiGraph gives an objective measurement to enhance clinical decision making and optimize patient care in Parkinson's disease. This is the first national reimbursement approved for the device in the 17 countries where it is used.

Medtech Seminar   2018-12-03

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty gave a seminar on Medtech on the program "Clinical innovation and design" at KTH in Stockholm.

Highest creditworthiness: UC Gold   2018-06-20

Medical Lead Nordic AB was awarded with maximum creditworthiness by UC AB Sverige, which is owned by the largest banks in Sweden.


EIT Health Evaluator   2018-04-15

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty was contracted as external evaluator for EIT Health's innovation projects. EIT Health is established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe. https://www.eithealth.eu/innovation_projects

Seminar on sustainability   2018-02-22

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty moderated Business Finland's seminar and matchmaking event on innovative bioproducts at the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm. Companies like H&M, Scania and Stora Enso were present.


Meet in Italy for Life Sciences   2017-10-11->13

Medical Lead was invited by the Italian Trade Commission to Torino. A lot of new business opportunities were created.  https://www.b2match.eu/mit4ls2017

Medtech Seminar   2017-09-04

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty gave an open seminar on Medtech for EIT Health's Clinical Innovation Fellowships program in Stockholm.

Medtech Seminar   2017-01-26

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty gave an open seminar on Medtech at Barcelona Science Park.    http://moebio.org/otherprograms/short-were created.rograms/2-update-on-the-life-sciences-industry

CE Mark: Parkinson's KinetiGraphTM  2017-01-04

Medical Lead's customer Global Kinetics received CE Mark for second generation wearable used in Parkinson's disease. https://www.globalkineticscorporation.com.au/news-and-events/ce-mark-awarded-to-second-generation-pkg-system?page=3