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EIT Health hearings   2019-05-27 -> 29

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty is an evaluator of EIT Health's innovation grants in Munich, Germany. 


Business Finland project   2019-05-10

Medical Lead finalized a market investigation on digital healthcare communication in Sweden. 


Entrepreneurship seminar   2019-04-30

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty gave a lecture on entrepreneurship and Medtech for the Clinical Innovation Fellowships program at governmental RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden. www.rise.se

Medtech seminar   2019-01-28

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty gave an open seminar on Medtech at Barcelona Science Park.

http://moebio.org/otherprograms/short-were created.rograms/2-update-on-the-life-sciences-industry

Reimbursement for wearable   2018-12-11

Medical Lead's project led to out-patient reimbursement in Finland for objective measurement with a wearable to enhance clinical decision making and optimize patient care in Parkinson's disease. www.kela.fi/taksat

Medtech seminar   2018-12-03

Medical Lead's CEO Robert Harju-Jeanty gave a seminar on Medtech on the program "Clinical innovation and design" at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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